Required Adoption Training & Approved Trainers

                                                                                          revised November, 2017

  1. Front-line Staff and Client Advocates—2-Hour Adoption Training must be completed every calendar year. A copy of the Current Annual Certification of Training is a required document in the Application and Renewal process.
  2. Executive Director and/or Client Services Director—2-Hour Adoption Training is mandatory only for new directors who have not previously completed the training in the past two years. Already-trained directors are always welcome to attend, if they wish.  All directors are to meet with the adoption trainer for a brief appointment when she trains their front-line personnel each year.
  3. We recommend that those who receive adoption training review it with other team members to keep them current.
  4. Your center is responsible to schedule your annual training with any one of the Approved Adoption Training programs listed below.  Please plan ahead to give them plenty of time to accommodate you.



Training Coordinator:  Ky Dukes

404-821-4167 (call or text)


Training Coordinator: Lyn Schults   

478-508-4511 (call or text)


Training Coordinator:  Taylor Mauldin

229-881-4163 (call or text)

These agencies’ trainers are happy to travel to your center.

Please contact them directly to schedule your center’s training session.