How Choose Life Funds are Distributed

Choose Life of Georgia, Inc. seeks to distribute funds in a fair and equitable manner on a quarterly basis. Our desire is to help qualifying agencies (pregnancy centers and maternity homes) in their important life-affirming help to women. Allocations are determined by three criteria:

  1. Choose Life Tag sales in the county of residence of the agencies. Numbers for each county are sent to us monthly from the Motor Vehicle Department. Agencies are credited for the tags sold/renewed in their county. When there are multiple agencies in a county, credit for the number of tags in the county is divided equally among them. Tag sales for counties with no agencies are allocated to all recipient agencies based on percentages as shown below.


    1. 5,000 tags sold/renewed in the quarter.
    2. 3,000 tag sales are attributed by county to qualified agencies.
    3. 2,000 tag sales are in counties with no qualified agencies.
    4. Agency #1 is attributed 50 tag sales (1.67%) of the 3,000 attributed tag sales.
    5. Agency #1 is then attributed 1.67% of the unassigned 2,000 tag sales or an additional 33 tag sales for a total credit of 83 tag sales.
  1. Number of clients seen by agencies. Numbers come from the Quarterly Statistical Reports each agency sends to Choose Life of Georgia. Credit for number of new clients seen is allocated as a percentage of total number of new clients seen by all qualified agencies.
  1. Special need requests from agencies. Agencies may submit special needs requests for a variety of non-recurring infrastructure and training needs. Special needs application forms are available upon request; grants are considered at the next scheduled Choose Life Board Meeting.

We encourage you to promote the sale of Choose Life tags to your board, staff, volunteers, clergy, friends and family. They make wonderful gifts. Together we can reach the public with a simple pro-life message and in the process help fund your efforts to educate women on life-affirming options of parenting and adoption.