Common Questions

1. Why not use a bumper sticker to raise money and awareness of this cause?

The Choose Life tag creates a revenue stream to the qualified agencies. As the plate is renewed year after year, part of the annual fee goes to the cause.

2. Why not just give the money to my local pregnancy center?

The revenue stream benefits all participating centers across Georgia. Just as importantly, everywhere you drive, the Choose Life message is communicated. We urge you to get a Choose Life tag, and also to give to your local pregnancy center or maternity home.

3. The Choose Life specialty plate isn’t fair, because pro-abortion organizations do not have their own plates.

Any organization is free to go through the process, apply for its own specialty plate, pre-sell enough plates and receive revenue from its annual fees. Which organization would admit it is opposed to adoption? What would an opposition plate say?

Planned Parenthood already receives millions of tax dollars to promote its message. It is reasonable that we be allowed to receive funds from an optional fee to promote a pro-adoption position. Isn’t adoption a woman’s choice, too?