How to Get Your Choose Life Tags

When and where can I get my Choose Life tag?

You can replace your current tag with the Choose Life specialty tag by renewing your tag through the online process, by mail, or in person. Look for specialty tag information on your renewal notice. (The Choose Life plate code is CB)

Any time during the year, you can replace your current tag. You do not have to wait until your tag comes up for renewal. Simply visit your local county tag office. You will receive a temporary tag until you receive the Choose Life tag by mail.

When you buy a new car, you may purchase a Choose Life plate through your county tag office. (If somehow a standard tag is included in your purchase, turn it in at your county tag office and pay the additional specialty fees.) You will receive a temporary tag until you receive the Choose Life tag by mail.

Find your county tag office at this link:


What is the cost for getting my Choose Life tag?

$25 is a one-time Manufacturing Fee plus a $35 Annual specialty tag fee. Both are charged by the State of Georgia for specialty tags. So the first year cost of your Choose Life tag is $60 in addition to your usual decal fees.

For more information, follow this link:


After the first year, what is the cost for renewal?

The charge each year is the $35 Specialty Tag Annual Fee plus your normal decal fees.

How is the money allocated?

Choose Life of Georgia, Inc. receives $10 per annual fee. We send two thirds of the fees directly to qualified agencies via quarterly checks. The remaining third is divided between our minimal administrative costs and the “Special Needs” fund. Agencies apply for Special Needs grants to cover such non-recurring expenses as strategic infrastructure needs or staff training to enhance their service to their clients.

Get your Choose Life tags to take the message of life all over our state!